About Us

Puerto Rico's Finest began as an effort to bring the freshest, high-quality hemp and CBD products to users and to spread the benefits and awareness of cannabis and CBD. A subsidiary of Puerto Rico Organic Farms and Finca Montes LLC, the largest organic and sustainable hemp farm, founded in 2019, Puerto Rico’s Finest is dedicated to bringing you the freshest and best organic hemp and hemp-derived products at affordable prices, year-round.

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Our Team

duane Duane, CEO 

Duane Dennis started a personalized custom nutritional supplement and branding platform for influencers to make their own supplements catered to their needs. He then started a cannabis company in Oregon that grew rapidly in popularity and is one of the more popular cannabis companies today. He left that company because he wanted his own farm and thus, control over how his product is grown and made and wanted to grow year-round, which coming to Puerto Rico enabled him to do. He discovered the undiscovered beauty that is Puerto Rico and the endless opportunity it presents for agriculture, whether it be for hemp or fruits and vegetables. 

allison Allison, COO

Allison worked on a hemp farm in Oregon for 5 years and had her own business selling equipment to circus performers. She has innovated many organic growing methods for this company during her time here. 

Javier, CFO

Javier is a lawyer by trade, born and bred in Puerto Rico, with big plans of putting his home on the map and reviving Puerto Rican agriculture. He and Duane met when Duane came to Puerto Rico and they decided to start this company together. 

Carol, CMO

Carol is an outreach queen and wears many hats, figuratively, and literally. She built her reputation by becoming an advocate for the underserved.  Carol has won numerous awards including top sales for Aetna Health Plan, Published Poet, National Dean's List, All American Scholar Award, All American Collegiate Award, to name a few. Carol runs a Minority owned insurance agency, a community outreach non-profit, a non-proft for cannabis patients, a marketing company in conjunction with PROF and the first patient-focused cannabis magazine, and a media company called Kine Hearts. Carol is known for her quick wits and quotes. "The best way to get your blessing is to be a blessing to someone else"

El-Divine, Creative Lead

El-Divine, also known as 4th Disciple, a producer for the Wu-Tang clan. 

Will, Project Manager

Will worked 10 years as a journeyman electrician and 5 years as a construction project manager. He tinkers with and builds his own drones.