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Our Time Line

Growing Our Farm

Jan 2020 We acquire a new farm truck to traverse the steep hills of the farm.

Jan 2020 We acquire 50 acres of organic old cow pasture land in the heart of Orocovis.

Feb 2020  COVID-19 happens PR Finest meets peak demand for hand sanitizer on the island, selling the cheapest bottles.

Land work: first and only tilling on the land occurs at this point. We believe in no-till organic farming. The land will only be worked one time and after that our organic practices will be used to  regenerate the top soil for continual harvest.

March 2020  First Moms in the ground, at this point we learn that the hemp plants love the soil of Orocovis, Puerto Rico.

March 2020 PR Finest donates bottles of hand sanitizer to Head Start Puerto Rico and to child care centers in Chicago area to help underprivileged families access PPE.

April 2020  Educational sessions, founders going to local dispensaries, gas stations, smokeshops educating business owners, police on the legality and benefits of CBD.

May 2020 Gorilla and Gravity Vapes, respectively become our two biggest advocates on the island carrying PR Finest products to drive retail sales.

July 2020 PR Finest secures 130 acres of  unused coffee land in the west mountain ranges of Puerto Rico.

August 2020 PR Finest begins bulk distribution of coffee to mainland USA. The general consensus reaction: "This is the best coffee I've ever had."

Sept 2020 PR Finest signs with the best coffee roaster on the island, Artemio, to roast the best coffee.

Hemp Flower 0.5 g
Single-serve CBD Coffee